Like Ocean Waves


I got to go into the ocean this weekend. And Jesus used it to show me more about himself.



The father’s love is like ocean waves.

The deeper you go, the more you’re pulled in;

the harder it all is to resist;

and the more the waves consume you.


With each wave crashing over me,

I hear Father laughing, joyously proclaiming,

‘I love you, child- I LOVE YOU!’

And my heart laughs and my soul rests.


I know they won’t stop coming,

they’ll only get bigger.

His love will never cease for me;

wave after wave it envelopes me.


He starts gently, washing over my feet,

enticing me to follow His lead,

to come into the waters of His love

to feel His heart surrounding me.


And the deeper into Him I go,

the more forceful the pull becomes;

the more I lose control,

and the more I want to lose control.


Because just as waves don’t stop,

His love cannot- will not- stop.

Nothing I do can make it stop

And I wouldn’t want to stop it anyway.



My heart is finally at rest-

gloriously content,

at last surrounded by peace,

finally secure in my identity as His child.


His love is like ocean waves.



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